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>> the search for seven missing boaters continues. families back home are trying to help from of far. rent is live from the studio with the latest in the developments. >> the clock is ticking it has been more than 85 hours since the "erik"capsized at 2:30 a.m., the mexican navy says the search for the survivors will last 96 hours. we learned recently that could be extended. a c- 130 coast guard plane from sacramento is assisting in the rescue efforts for the second straight day on wednesday. the mexican navy and u.s. coast guard are now expanding their search because of strong southerly currents in the sea of cortez and 115 ft. boat sank right here near the islands, you can see the little islands right there that is
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where the boat capsized on sunday about 2 mi. from the coast. some survivors were able to swim to the islands, but others had been rescued south of here and also the search is now expanded to the east because they think that some people may have drifted that way. five teams will head down to the bottom of the sea about 200 ft. down by the end of this week but that will be a recovery mission not a rescue mission. for now, mexican officials say that the boat is down there but they are not worried about that. they have all their resources trying to find the seven missing men alive. live in the studio tonight i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> the family of donna lee, the missing fishermen from san ramon the ec and the pictor said that they just got word that they have been successful in getting the search window for those lost at sea extended by 24 hours. his son-in-law explained why they have been pressuring lawmakers to make that happen.
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>> we know that in the gul f war to temperatures very warm and where the ship went down there are a lot of islands. we know that the survival rate is very high if he gets on an island there is cactus that he could get water from, and get substance from, we know from the locals that we have talked to down there that fishermen who are lost are recovered often maybe five, or six, or seven days later as long as they are looking there is hope. that is why we wanted to be extended. if they are out there searching we feel that there's a possibility that they will come back alive and well. >> the family says waiting for word for their loved ones has been excruciating. they also want to expedite sending out dive teams to search the wreckage of the boat for clues, or in the worst case to bring closure. teresa estacio continues our team coverage. >> here, jackie tells kron4 news that she is so grateful that her husband survived. this is a picture of the 73
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year old resident, jackie says that her husband was forced to jump into the dark deep ocean without a life jacket because the boat sank so fast, there was no time to grab anything. she says that her husband managed to stay afloat for more than 12 hours and the ocean before being rescued. that is him where the arrow is pointing after being plucked from the ocean, how did he do it? coming up at 6:00 p.m. jackie mclean what steps her husband took to stay alive. >> our coverage of the missing boaters continues to out this hour. coming up at 5:30 p.m. we go to sacramento for reaction from another boaters wife. plus a look at how families are using the internet to seek help in the search for their loved ones. now to our developing story and other person responsible for stealing a one-of-a-kind picasso from a union square art gallery may have been
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caught on tape. this is a surveillance photograph of a man that appears to be walking down geary street in san francisco with a picture frame under his arm, this was recorded by a restaurant can --camera shortly after the picture was stolen from the art gallery. the restaurant owner talked with us about the video. >> that is him walking by, there is the picasso, there is a newspaper covering it. the description of the digest all this had no socks on, you can see that he has no socks, about 6 ft. tall. and that is it, we had it confirmed, that is the frame that it was in. he came from the art gallery, jumped a cab over here, and we installed the security camera because our items
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were stolen of a while back. we decided to install the security system because this arm was stolen but the picasso is much of the more valuable than that arm. >> the san francisco police say although the man does match the early description of the keys, the owner of the art gallery now has to view the tape and confirm that this person is a suspect in the case. [music] >> a live look outside this afternoon, very dense fog along the coastline. it is rolling into san francisco, the fog will be an issue overnight. take a look at our satellite picture we have the fog and down the coastline including the north bay at this hour. temperatures are a lot cooler closer to the coastline we still see pretty hot conditions in the bay area, like the inland valleys. also quite warm in san raphael, and i degrees there and 92 down and los gatos. temperatures are
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cooler than what we saw yesterday. 11 degrees cooler in redwood city and oakland, 12 degrees cooler in hayward. a couple degrees warmer in half moon bay. temperatures will continue the cooling trend into tomorrow. take a look at tomorrow, tonight and this evening they will start to push into the great shores. and then we have patchy. fog we will take a look at the cooler temperatures and your we can forecast coming up. >> at 5:12 p.m. major changes coming to the open police department. we have the details on a restructuring plan that will help the department do more with less while trying to keep the city safe. at 5:17 p.m. the casey anthony saga, just one day after being acquitted of her daughter's murder, we will show the continued our rage over the verdict and how she could become a billionaire. at
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5:25 p.m. amazing video of a massive dust storm caught on tape. that is all ahead on kron4 news. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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>> 8 did the officer involved shooting at the civic center bart station, radio transmissions revealed how quickly the situation unfolded. we have details from the recordings. >> the guy with the tide die, he is still there, he is kind of moving around a lot. >> the situation began sunday night when the bart employee alert to the dispatcher to an unidentified man suspicious behavior. the first report came in at 90 4:00 p.m. with 2 bart officers quickly responding to the call in just a couple of minutes. less then 60 seconds after the officers arrived on scene at civic center station...
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>> sox fired, i need a code three ambulance, get a knife. >> that 41 referring to the officers radio call number not the number of shots are fired. >> of those officers involved have been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure in san francisco police department is leading the investigation. all changes are coming to the oakland police department today the chief outline his reorganization of the department. kron4 jeff pierce was there is the chief unveil his plan. >> with nearly 200 officers less than what he assumed command he had to change the way the oakland police department functions. the focus on the plan calls for the elimination of specialized units shifting the officers into patrol duties. >> we tried to build an organization that was fast, bold, and quickly tried new and different things. i am shifting the vast majority
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of our resources and to patrol. i moved my two deputy chiefs because i am trying to flatten the organization and give the patrol officers more exposure and expansion in the job they do. give patrol officers better experienced at doing detective work. we will be involved in community placing and moving all officers and employees during community policing i expect and demand that they get out of their police car at least four hours a week during the work week. i want them walking in the business areas, talking to business owners, walking in communities and speaking with the residents. >> he expects the public to seek changes. >> there should be a better job in a way that the property crimes. moving property crimes down to patrol, they will see that we are doing a better job on violence and violence prevention by having a higher clearance rate in our cases and making sure that we are responding to families that are dealing with trauma. overall i think it will see more customer service better, and more efficient and
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effective organization. >> in addition to sending more officers into duty, the plan is to have three field operations were only too existed before. >> a look at our extended forecast. more into the tomorrow and we can temperatures are cooler i will tell you all about it coming up in a little bit.
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>> and national news, one day after a jury acquitted casey anthony of murdering her toddler daughter e motions are still running high. when cnn holt greeted diverted by saying, "the devil is dancing tonight". new speculation is on how casey anthony could stand to make millions. >> internet gossips' sides are buzzing with speculation about who should play casey anthony in a movie about her along with lindsey low hand and twilight start kristin's the word, name to
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include ellen page and natalie portman. they say her decision not to testify has made her story even more valuable. >> whatever she says will be new information it will be information that the public has not heard from her personally. i believe that the stakes will be very high. there will be very high for brooks, a very high for the first sit-down interview and very high for film deals or whatever will come in the future. >> of she is due back tomorrow for sentences on four charges for lying to the sleaze issue is likely to be sentenced on time served leaving her free for the first time in years and allowed to do a book deal that will probably give her millions. >> i am appalled, now i am angry and i say shame to the jury. >> it even people that knew her well expressed outrage to the outcome. >> this was all about winning this was never about the truth. >> nancy grace said this,
5:18 pm
... >> as the defense sits by and has their champagne and post after the not guilty verdict, somewhere out there the devil is dancing tonight. >> defense lawyer cheney mason had this to the tv crews that discover the celebration he blasted others that declared her guilty before hand, only one juror has commented publicly juror number 3 told abc news in an exclusive interview i did not say that she was innocent i said there was not enough evidence, if you cannot prove what the crime was you cannot prove with the punishment should be. >> the juror also said the reason that no one talked after the trial was over was "we all stick to our stomachs. "she said the men and women were volunteers and they did not want to contribute to the sensationalism that was around in the trial. other
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national news, reports of a gunman walking along the highway shutdown the interstate. this was the scene at the police blocked off traffic. they say it started after a contractor says an arm and walked out of the woods near the highway and hit his issues the windshield with a hammer. officers were searching for a suspect that appeared to be an older man wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. the highway was reopened about 3:00 p.m.. a u.s. army general approved a possible death penalty in the trial of major and a $. you will recall that he is accused of going on a shooting rampage at for the taxes back in 2009 as a result, 13 people were killed and 32 his government appointed defense attorney has ordered the military against hiring an attorney because he says it will be more time-consuming and expensive. the u.s. airline says that some terrorist are surgically going to put
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bombs and to people to carry out attacks. that is according to the t s eight. there is no specific intelligence reporting to the plot, but they shared this with domestic and international carriers this means that travelers could experience even more screening at the airports. >> do a live look outside from the golden gate bridge at this hour you can barely even make the bridge out the visibility is pretty backed still close to the coastline we have seen fog throughout the day. as we head into tomorrow morning, dins fog expected once again. the fog scale back by noon, temperatures not nearly as quickly to warm up tomorrow and into the 4:00 hour a cooling trend will continue with temperatures in not reaching the '90s, but the 80's. first let us get a look at that fog for which a look at the temperature is becoming more extensive in the north bay and in the bayshore and by the 8:00 hour still sitting over oakland and a 1 01 in north bay. later on in the morning
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and early afternoon fog pushes back to san francisco and the coastline and will stay there all the way into the afternoons small. not to give it the temperatures, will see additional cooling out there. the fog will last later into the morning hours. and >> 61 in half moon bay with the fog clinging to the coastline. over in the east bay temperatures in the clear low '70s and upper 60s. 88 in danville, 89 pleasanton 91 antioch and down in the south bay temperatures in the '80s but 87 in los gatos and 89 in morgan hill. still pretty warm in those locations in the air extended forecast. the cooling trend will continue through the end of
5:22 pm
the week into the weekend tomorrow we have a slight chance of thunder we have a chance of it this afternoon but it is not looking very likely more likely in the mountains. temperatures will continue to cool to the week in in the next week will continue the cooling trend by wednesday and in the '70's in our inland valleys. >> taking wednesday traffic in walnut creek, the headlights are north bound. as you could see it is heavy in all directions. we shall do the think fog a scolding gate--we showed you the think fog at the golden gate, but now the traffic is not too bad but the west bound is moving well we will be right back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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>> kicked a look at this, it contained when vestron is 60 mi. per hour. now take a look at this, a 350 lb. black bear found wandering along a highway in virginia animal control officers were able to shoot this with a tranquilizer dart and get it out of harm's way. it is fine and will be released into the wild away from the highway. they believe the animal got lost while searching for in may. take a look at this, more animals loss, police in sioux city i would got a call of some way were cows and had to read that way--had to redirect them from the highway. they got stuck before eventually figuring out where they needed to beat. >> alive looked outside. sunny skies now but the fog
5:27 pm
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>> east palo alto police chief ron davis has a message for gang members. >> we are saying that we will go after the shooters, the chain of command structure and everything about them to hold them accountable for the
5:30 pm
violence. >> he invited the fbi and gang violence intervention across the country to a meeting where gangs were blamed for the recent rash of gang violence. sweeps will continue like the one conducted here last week. they are targeting known gang members base from--is on the intelligence from the street and those inside prisons. >> we are focused on how to orchestrate and organize inside the prisons, we tried again with the gang task force and intelligence unit to understand what role street operations, a criminal street operations are being controlled from prison. >> most welcome the approach and some residents remain skeptical. >> every year with someone coming in here that this the probability of something that is about to happen. in the last few years it did not happen. >> even if they said they will do it, they have always said they will try to fix problems and it has never been solved. >> we are not naive, this
5:31 pm
will not to get rid of everything in the next two, or three month a we think that we can send a clear message that this can never happen again, it will not happen again we would not accept the violence and we will still use all our resources... >> a potential snag in the anti-gay initiative is out cash strapped police and local governments will pay for it. a representative from the state department of justice says that for many agencies, banks a person dollars are on the chopping block. >> on it is not only it law-enforcement or the internal--attorney general's office of local law enforcement and we know that they follow the path of resistance. and if there is at the same level of law enforcement response, many departments are struggling with the responsibility of covering special services. the criminals will be very quick to take advantage of that and unfortunately i do
5:32 pm
not think i will forecast a very safe in the arm for california citizens. >> for example he says the recent budget cuts will likely mean the end of the state bureau of narcotics gang suppression and enforcement program. now to our continuing coverage of the capsized fishing boat off of the mexican coast. seven boaters are still missing tonight. officials have recovered one body, lesley yee 63 years old when he died he is the man in the yellow shirt in this photograph he grew up in san francisco and recently lived in the central valley he worked at the chronicle's circulation department his daughter says that he was an avid fisherman. >> i actually spoke with him right before he boarded the ship in mexico. he was very excited. he was an extreme workaholic, he was dedicated to his family, he never put time aside for himself. >> u.s. and mexican crews are still searching for the
5:33 pm
man. we ask someone of the beauregard repair business in santa cruz to get a picture of the "erik"to give his take on the boat's size, shape in aid he says it looks like it would do well but the center of gravity could have changed by what appears to be some of the work on it after it had already been built. >> this accommodation house is topped by the pilot house which i think could have been a later edition. it could be something that could become challenging it the role of the boat, if it were such that it allowed boarding seats. that happens in the best of design boats. how >> he says the size of the boats should not be a factor but in the end, seamanship is also the deciding factor whether the captain turned
5:34 pm
the boats into the storm to keep from breaching. >> of lot of the family of the missing fishermen have not given up hope. they have actually taken to the web site to post updates an act of public for help. let us take a look at the first deal that i have they have created a blogger called cobra--a blog called find our fathers. they have also asked the public to help by contacting local authorities to put pressure on officials in mexico to insist on a dive, and the locals out there because they know the terrain. take a look at the next video. she's the daughter of the missing san ramon resident set up this facebook page called find our fathers. several people have been posting pictures and stories, you could see frederick posted this picture of a missing gene and mandy responded with a story, she says that a gene was thrilled to join her dad on his first fishing excursion to mexico riding
5:35 pm
we are coming for you, hang on. to check out the web pages for yourself visit kron4 dog, look for our news section. >> stay with us as we continue to cover the search for the men on the capsized boat. [music] >> a live look outside, you can barely see the top of the golden gate bridge power. we will see more extensive fog this evening than what we saw out there yesterday. since fog close to the coastline. slight cooling tomorrow. the marine ear penetrating a little farther inland and will continue cooling as the fog becomes a more extensive. close the coast have pine been really cool. details of the inland valleys. 97 livermore, 97 also in antioch. temperatures in the north bay are rapidly cooling right now. with some 90 degrees in san rafael.
5:36 pm
temperatures in the upper 80s in santa rosa and now in the upper '70's but again we will continue the cooling trend as we head into the next several days i will have details in just a little bit. >> checking traffic, the left side of your screen west bound traffic is not too bad. the case dates are backing up a little bit. now the top of your screen looking quite slowly. south bound 1 01 for the peninsula is also slow. we will be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
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>> a big earthquake shook things up in the south pacific this 7.6 earthquake triggered a small tsunami in new zealand a warning went out to the noisy and coastline it was canceled about one hour later no reports of damage or injury. 18 people are dead and two more injured after heavy rains triggered a landslide in northwest china. the
5:40 pm
torrential rain poured for nearly eight hours. washing down a lot of mud and rocks. 12 homes are instantly bury this morning search and rescue crews with more than 400 people to help find 20 people that stuck in the mud, forecasters say more rain is on the way people are being evacuated from a number of areas. south koreans are cheering today after being awarded the 2018 winter olympics. this to be defeated germany and france today in the first round of the secret ballot of the international committee, the koreans have lost in previous bids in 2010 and 2014 this will be the first city in asia outside of japan to host the winter games. japan held the games in 1972 and 1993. a young-- 1998. the young royal couple is headed to alberta.
5:41 pm
today marks the seventh day of the canadian tour they will be in calgary next for a series of events tomorrow then on friday will be on to a couple of days in southern california. today is the dali lama 76 birthday. the spiritual leader is in washington d.c. for the celebration. this was the scene at the festivities back in may. the dali lama formally stepped down as the head of the tibetan government-in-exile. he is still the leader--spiritual leader of the tea should for buddhism. >> i will have details on a cooler forecast coming up in just a little bit.
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>> rob like it's here to talk about the financial winners and losers and he starts talking about facebook. >> a lot of a big news
5:45 pm
about google plus social networking. facebook came out and fired one back at google. this is kind of what video technology needed, a kickstart, a kick boost, this is good for microsoft, facebook is good for free phone calls it is good for companies like cisco who makes it seeing each other a little more easier it is may be bad news for apple, may be bad news for google her because apple has on their phone face time so when you when i talk to each other on face time we can give each other the same way. >> so it is that due to competition. >> yes. >> another big winner, the banks, they're near a deal on foreclosures. what does this mean? >> end up to $60 billion going back to people that have been foreclosed illegally on, maybe some
5:46 pm
penalties. this is good because we knew they would get sued, this was set a precedent. it will be able to put it under the water and tied to the financial stocks. for the consumer, j.p. morgan, a bank of america, city group, allied financial, if you have been foreclosed on you maybe do some money sooner or later. am not saying that for sure because we do not know the details but this is kind of the house and process may be put in a another brick in the ground and sang let us get this behind us. >> this may turn out to be good for some homeowners? >> the $60 million will go somewhere--$60 billion will go somewhere. >> that may help to stabilize the housing market. now we just talked about the story south korea won the 2008--who just won the olympics so why is a loser? >> nbc just paid all that money can now they will be
5:47 pm
on a 14 hour time delayed. it did not work last time in japan they will lose up to $127 million before this bad news, it will double bad news for nbc. a publicly traded companies ge have owners and nbc. >> they want to think it do to we want to delay the results or how go ahead and refill the results. now a loser, law school graduates? >> i feel no love lost for loy years. i hate cloy years. the firms are not hiring small firms are been given a smaller fee. the average loss to been $104,000. we are not crying for them of their getting hurt in the economic recession. >> and they have to pay back those loans. >> they do. >> rob like they do. >> fog cool be an issue out there tomorrow morning. visibility was pretty bad on
5:48 pm
the golden gate bridge, you can expect the same thing tomorrow. coastal fog this evening pushes into the bayshore a little later, dense fog morning and it pushes back to the coast tomorrow afternoon. cooler temperatures throughout the bay area is not look like we will see in the more '90s. i will show the temperatures in just a moment. take a look at the storm tracker. into the north bay and into oakland along the coastline. this is the 8:00 hour. we see this over oakland in the golden gate bridge, later on in the morning this will push back to the coastline and there it will stay through the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures will be cooler again tomorrow as a result to start the day temperatures in the '50s but the low 60s down in the south bay. by the noon hour, the temperatures are slower to warm up, a few more 80's creeping on in fairfield, livermore and san jose. notice if you are in the north bay it is sitting in the '70s. later afternoon hours, to the jurors are not reaching the '90s. 85 in
5:49 pm
fairfield looking for a warm couple more degrees. 79 in santa rosa, 68 san for cisco and 85 concord. it definitely seeing some relief in in in valleys. antioch is still pretty warm. upper 80s down in the south bay. a look in your kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. the cooling trend continues tomorrow will continue into the weekend as well. one thing to know, a chance for storms about 10, to 20%. we see a small chance of that this afternoon but it does not look very likely. cooler temperatures on tap for the weekend. >> in california news, a little bit of a flap in sacramento over hot dogs. that is because despite all of the budget concerns in the state lawmakers to the time out of the legislative session to define what a hot dog is in california. tom
5:50 pm
explains. >> most people do not need a definition of this all- american favorite. >> i have been eating hot dogs for quite some time now. >> you did not need a definition? >> absolutely not. >> of these committee members probably did not know there was a hot dog will from the definition it in what they are approved many a cooked sausages that this is a list or stuffed in a casing may be served in a bun, or rolled. we ask the author of the bill's signature hernandez why this is necessary? memo is to clean up some public health issues is release simple and i'm surprised the would do a story on this. we have much more important issues. >> the center scene of said and walked away some of the people at the hot dog stand were not amused either. >> is that all they have to do? by when they finished the budget, that is what i would rather see then them worry about a hot dog. >> the proposed description
5:51 pm
design say what kind of me should be in a hot dog. >> turkey, beef, chicken that is fine. no road kill. >> we do not understand why you need to define a hot dog? >> this is just a bill that we need to do some clean-up on with. >> later this staff explained that the definition was not wanted by a food safety coalition that help enforce food safety laws. >> senate bill 946 would also require employees of food businesses to wash their hands before putting on gloves to prepare food. checking traffic again, you can see that it is still heavy in walnut creek, the 68024 exchange. in san jose high we 1 01, a good location for traffic, as you can see the headlines are southbound traffic moving well in all directions. we will be back. ♪
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>> i am at facebook headquarters in palo alto where they just announced a video calling is coming to facebook. >> mark zuckerberg seemed to get the way were not allowed video camera so this was shot off of my picturephone. they say this is the easiest way to video chat through the web i might have to agree, i did a hand on a demonstration and it was easy to get a video up and running. this type is behind this video chat--sky pe is behind this video chat. hopefully they can handle all the users because facebook said they have 750 million users. i will show you exactly how this works and what it can do for you and my tech report. >> san francisco-based twitter is not going public right now but it is still making news as wall street
5:56 pm
speculate how much this site is worth. >> social networking sides are red-hot on wall street and twitter is trying to take advantage of the moment. linked in a car big but going public is not always the best options for these companies. twitter created in 2006 has more than 200 million registered users. instead of going public is looking for more private investors. news reports is that it is in the process of raising hundreds of millions of dollars and that gives the company an indicated value of about $7 billion. twitter has acknowledged that it is still developing strategy on how to profit from its large user base. some analysts say it is probably smart to stay private as it develops more. one reason why they did not go public at this time is because it is not generating as much an ad sales as much as groupon and others. now
5:57 pm
google may be a challenge to twittered. last week, the make a company unveiled googleplus and is no coincidence they made that announcement right before ending their deal with twitter. >> how president obama use twitter to address the big issues on the minds of americans. a dramatic storm leaves thousands in the dust and the dark. now the latest step of discharge and military denied access to do not tell policy. --of don't ask don't tell policy. >> i'll have more on your where the news at six is next. ant to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions
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>> kron4 has team coverage uncovering what is being done to find the seven men missing and we speak with those in the bay area that are waiting for word about their loved ones. >> my father is a great man. >> radio transmissions released, what happened moments after a man was shot and killed by the bart police. new details about the picasso, kron4 has your first look at the suspect and how the police say he stole the artwork. after being acquitted in the murder of her two year-old daughter why casey anthony is facing new legal trouble. [music] >> the search continues for seven americans still missing in the sea of cortez after the fishing boat capsized. these are the men that are still missing, all of them are from the bay area. there went into the sea of cortez and sank on sunday about 60 mi. south. gramm lotus has been
6:01 pm
tracking this story he is here nowwith the latest. >> it has been almost 90 hours since it capsized in the middle of the night 2:30 a.m. on sunday. a c-130 coast guard plane from sacramento is assisting in the rescue efforts today for the second straight day. in the mexican navy in the u.s. coastguard are now expanding their search because the current are pulling debris down that way into the 70 direction. the 115 ft. boat sank right near the little islands here. that is where it capsized. some of the men were able to swim, or float to the islands that you see there but others have been rescued down south and they are now expanding the search east as well as some debris has been found in that direction. in five teams will head down to the sea floor likely by the end of the week. mexican officials say that the eric is at least 200 ft. down. but the
6:02 pm
dive teams will be there for recovery in our rescue. for now, u.s. and mexican officials are just hoping to find the seven missing boaters alive. live in the studio i'm grant lotus with kron4 news. >> the family of two missing men spoke out today here you will see don lee of san ramon on the left side of your screen on the right we have a dublin residents their families say waiting for word has been excruciating but they remain hopeful. >> we will get them back. we know we are. we keep getting conflicting reports and conflicting information but when we get the good news is great. when we get the bad news we prepare. but it has been a roller- coaster. >> if there was any way possible for them to survive, they have the tools, they have the will and they have the know-how. then my dad and everyone we
6:03 pm
know there are tough guys, they have prepared the best they can. he is always the one that is over prepared. we just purchased a new life vest last weekend before he went. it was an automatic inflatable vest and i knew he would where to sleep. so they are out there, they are out there somewhere and they are together. >> when there is an accident or something emergency happens my dad acts fast, he is a quick thinker he is very resourceful and so that is, that is what i am reminding my mom and my sister about at this point in time. >> they are also taking comfort in the fact that two of the missing men are vietnam veterans and former boys' cows. of course that gives them the survival skills to keep themselves and others are live. today we spoke with one man's wife and jackie who says that her husband called her on sunday to say that he was alright. he told her how heenan and other friends
6:04 pm
husband jumps into the dark ocean without a life jacket. she explains how the two of them manage to survive. >> they only had time to with their pants on really, so they jumped out and they got separated him and joe and then some coolers floated by so they hung on to the coolers. so he told me they were in the water for 13 hours. who during that time, i do not know how long and they probably did not know exactly but the boats that they go out fishing with i think they are called tonga boats will everything was coming to the surface from the boat that sank, so the two of them jumped on the tonga boat so they drifted in that and then they saw two more guys and two more guys got on in the drifted in the boat until i believe the mexican navy or the coast guard,
6:05 pm
they sent a helicopter to pick them up. a pretty scary thing. never something like that has happened. >> jackie asked that her husband and the rest of his friends are very active in physically fit she believes that help them survive their ordeal at sea. officials have recovered one body, lesley yee was 63 years old when he died he grew up in san francisco and he lived in the central valley he worked at the chronicle's circulation department his daughter says that he was an avid fisherman. >> actually spoke with him right before he boarded the ship in mexico. he was very excited, he was an extreme workaholic. he was really dedicated to his family he never put time aside for himself. >> his daughter says that she encouraged him to go on this trip because life was to shorten it was something he enjoyed. >> one of the son-in-law of the one of the missing fishermen don lee us a
6:06 pm
youtube video of his father- in-law's previous fishing expedition escape a look at the first video, a small boat, open water and as the camera pans to the left with six of the missing fishermen we believe this man is gene and we believe that this is the missing fishermen a al. not a shows the preparing to go out and fish on a boat that is pretty large, a lot of tables, coolers and small boats on the side. this shows that many of the missing men were experienced fishermen. this was not their first time out they knew the proper protocol. in all the rules and the equipment associated with going on fishing trips. he says that the family is holding on to hope that they did survive and probably are washed up on nearly one of the 100 islands off the coast. >> stay with us as we continue to cover the search of the men on the capsized boat. [music]
6:07 pm
>> a live look outside this afternoon fog is an issue it is now completely covering the golden gate bridge. fog will spill into the bayshore tonight and then we will have it in the coast to mar. temperatures are cool and still pretty warm in the inland valleys. 92 livermore, also warm and los gatos. 90 degrees clear and 88 in san raphael. much cooler in our bay area. a look at the temperature change over the past 24 hours. at 10 degrees cooler in redwood city, nine degrees cooler in hayward. we will continue to cooling trend as we head into tomorrow seeking a look outside continuing to monitor some isolated thunderstorms in the south bay. you can sit couple of areas of isolated rain. it looks like we will be in the clear in the south bay but possibly we may an isolated
6:08 pm
storm or two in the evening. coastal fog skilling into the bayshore. by tomorrow patchy and dance-with-dense fog i will have details on how cool it will get in the week in coming up in just a little bit. lonel's original re, today and every day. 11 herbs and spices, hand-breaded, hands down the world's best chicken. today is a kfc day. so bring home a real meal -- 10 pieces of that famous chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of four or more, just 20 bucks. today tastes so good.
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then hunt and rare picasso drawing stolen can now one day later necessitous the police have their first possible lead in the case. this is surveillance video of someone that may be connected to a crime, how did this daring daytime heist take place? we take a look at one possible scenario. >> in and out that is how the san francisco police describe how fast a thief stole the picasso one-of-a- kind drawing that was worth
6:12 pm
several hundred thousand dollars out of the union square art gallery. cents is the police in one of the possible scenarios regarding the staff involved this man that you see here. they say this man appears to be a possible suspect in the case based upon witness descriptions. investigators say that the drawing was on display on the main floor of the art gallery on geary street. just before noon, the thief into the front door to the drawing off-the- wall turnaround and walk right out. this man was seen walking this way of gary street shortly after the picasso drawing was stolen. for just as he was passing by this restaurant when he reached despite the surveillance cameras caught this image of him with what appears to be a picture frame in his hand. just before he hopped into a nearby cab and drove away. >
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> new details about the
6:16 pm
deadly officers involved shooting at the civic center bart station. radio transmissions revealed how quickly everything unfolded. we have details from the recording. >> the situation began sunday night when a bart employees alerted or him to a suspicious man the it first reports came in about 9:34 p.m. with to bart officers quickly responding to the call in just a couple of minutes but less than 60 seconds after the officers arrived on scene at civic center station... >> a shot fired. we need an ambulance. >> to clarify that 41 is referring to the officers
6:17 pm
radio call mine not the number of shots fired. >> within 24 hours, casey anthony could be set free. the florida woman was acquitted yesterday of murdering her two year-old daughter. for her own protection authorities are not revealing the details of her possible release. vicki reports that some speculate her next step could be sorting through the book, movie an interview offers that could make her a millionaire. >> internet gossips' sides are buzzing about who should plate anthony in a movie about her along with lindsey land hand and christine stewart, they include natalie portman. her decision not to testify has made her story even more valuable. >> whatever she says will be new information that the public has not heard from her personally. i believe that the stakes will be very high, they will be very high for brooks, very high for the first sit-down interview and they will be very high for film deals or
6:18 pm
what ever will come in the future. >> she is due back in court tomorrow for sentencing on four charges of lying to the police she is likely to be sentenced to time served leaving her free for the first time in years and available for deals that could bring her millions. >> i am appalled and now i am angry. i say shame on the jury. they're either not too bright or just plain lazy. >> even people that knew into the will expressed outrage at the outcome. >> this is all about winning it was never about the truth. >> nancy grace and tore into anthony's lawyers for celebrating after the event. >> i know one thing as the defense's is by and has their champagne toast, after that not guilty verdict somewhere out there the devil isn't dancing tonight. >> the defense lawyer cheney mason had this reaction to the tv crews that discovered the celebration. earlier he
6:19 pm
blasted grace and others that declared antony guilty before hand. only one juror commented publicly juror number 3 told abc news in an exclusive interview i did not say she was innocent i just said there was not enough evidence. if you cannot prove with the crime was you cannot determine with the punishment should be. >> of that same juror said that the reason that no one talked after the trial was because we were all sick to our stomachs she said she said that the men and women on the jury were in tears and did not want to contribute to the sensationalism already surrounding the trial. [music] and >> and live looks aside from the golden gate bridge and cannot even tell that is the bridge because the fog is still hovering over it right now. fog will be an issue as we head into tomorrow. it is up and down the coast feeling into the golden gate cap. in the 7:00
6:20 pm
hour for the north bay will see that fog by 11:00 a.m., the fog skills back to san francisco and the coastline and there it will stay through the afternoon. it will hug the coast line all the way into the 3:00 hour. temperatures will be cooler tomorrow as a result of the additional cool marine air. the temperatures to start the day may be in the fifties and low 60s, the 49 degrees in a bottle. in the afternoon temperatures warming nicely in places like fairfield in san jose. still cooler in san jose at 64 degrees and later in the afternoon hours to bring us more '70s and '80s instead of the '90s that we saw today. take a look around the bay area temperatures in the north bay will be a lot cooler because of the fog. close to the coastline of course as you can imagine with the fog up and down, the temperatures will be quite chilly. into the east
6:21 pm
bay, temperatures in the low '70s and upper 60s the down towards fremont, 79 degrees there. a little relief in the inland valleys temperatures back into the 80's only 190 degree reading that is in antioch. down in the south bay some release from the heat. temperature in the low 80s. a look at your kron47 they're around the bay forecast. a cooling trend continues tomorrow and will continue into the beaten as well. we will see more extensive fog on saturday and sunday. temperatures will continue to slide as we head into next week. >> an amazing video out of arizona showing a dust storm. this is time laughter video of the mushrooming but dust cloud hot hitting the city this wall was at least 30 mi. wide and it was pushed by winds that reached more than 60 mi. per hour. thousands of people lost power during the storm,
6:22 pm
officials were forced to close the phoenix airport for about one hour. clean-up continues on an oil spill in montana and oil pipeline owned by exxon mobile broke beneath the yellowstone river. a federal safety documents show that a the company told federal regulators that the pipeline under the river was not endangered. it is now sealed and the crews are cleaning up the oil that it escaped. they're looking into exactly why the pipeline broke. don't ask don't tell will no longer be in force, a federal appeals court has barred the u.s. military ban on openly gay service members. they said the policy must be immediately lifted now that the obama administration says that it is unconstitutional to treat gay americans differently under the law. passengers flying to the u.s. from other countries may have to go through extra security at the airport soon. officials say there's a new concern that terrorists may have explosives surgically
6:23 pm
implanted inside their bodies. however the security experts say no attack appears imminent, according to the transportation and security administration of u.s. officials warned airlines and allies last week that aviation remains a terrorist target. we will be back after the break.
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what >> for our internet reporter kimberlee shows us how you can martinez for free. >> is a really fun application you can watch the king went live, they will swim, even paddled up to the camera all live in for free. take a look at the video a spokesperson for the museum says this is application of the great weight to share the popular endangered penguins are around the world and raise awareness. it is available for the iphone and enjoy devices for free. they ask people to consider a
6:27 pm
donation. it lets users switch between three different live camera views, choose from the main view or watch them under water. you can check out the biologists to let him, they also plan on setting up a next cam when the couple begins at incubating aids. the the action heats up during the feeding time between 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. if you like to check out this application for yourself visit a look at our what is on the web section. stay with us the news at 6:00 p.m. is coming up next. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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6:29 pm
>> the urgent search for the missing bay area boaters and mexico entered its fourth date on or wednesday they're looking for boaters that went fishing on wednesday--went fishing on this boat after it capsized.
6:30 pm
the cboe is assisting the mexican navy and air search efforts, rescue efforts are headed down south because that is a way that the current is going. they say that dive team will head down at least 200 ft. where the boat capsized but that died will not happen until later this week in the rescue mission has ended and the recovery mission begins. i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> continuing our coverage, the families of missing fishermen spoke out today they say that waiting for word of a search happening down in mexico has been excruciating. while they are prepared for the worse they are hoping for the best because they said the men are experienced fisherman some of whom have survival skills when says his dad was over prepared by an automatic inflatable life vest for this trip that he had planned on wearing while sleeping. >> jackie tells kron4 news that she is so grateful that her husband survived. he was
6:31 pm
on the fishing boat that capsized in mexico this past weekend. she says that her husband clung to life by holding onto a cooler for more than 12 hours in the open ocean before being rescued. he was one of four men from navato that went down to mexico for the fishing trip. all four men survived. in navato, teresa estacio kron4 news. >> here in east palo alto game members have been on notice the violence that led to the three month old baby last month have been told that this will not be tolerated. local police and gang experts emerge for a gang summit to keep the pressure on the gains. they say they will continue to target members of these local gangs whose feuds have escalated in recent months. this a neighborhood sweeps of known and convicted gang members will continue indefinitely. in east palo alto i and rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >> at airports across the
6:32 pm
world have a new reason for concern federal officials are warning air carriers that terrorists may now be considering surgically implanted explosives inside of human beings and then putting them on aircraft bound for the united states. authorities say this could lead to additional security measures not only this summer but going forward. >> here in san francisco unit's where santa police are looking for this man that you see right here. he may be connected to a recent death of a picasso drawing that was stolen from an art gallery. this video of the suspect was recorded by the restaurant cameras. the caught the man walking down the street before jumping into a taxi in getting away this drawing is said to be worth several hundred thousand dollars. >> here in san for fiscal a peace made off with a
6:33 pm
$200,000 picasso sketch, but what will he do with it? i spoke with a former fbi investigator who says there are two possibilities, one this was a crime of opportunity and the beast is not what he has a more likely he is just the middle man this bill for someone else. he the way law- enforcement and the arts community are on the lookout. in san francisco, charles clifford with kron4 news. >> people magazine that will hit the stands later this week has a feature article on jaycee dugard. she's the 11 year-old that was kidnapped in 1991 and found 18 years later. in this article there are excerpt from her book where she talked about what happened on this property where she was often locked up raped, and forced to wear handcuffs i will have more on what she says in her book in my 8:00 story. when now reporting in the newsroom j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> in san francisco are public defender is busy pushing his ballot for reform. he is less in one
6:34 pm
week to get the measure on the ballot for the next election. he criticized a rival pension reform measure that is being generated as city hall he says that his plan will save the city much more than a city hall plan. he says pensions in the city are unsustainable and need to be overhauled. >> in tech news i am at facebook headquarters in east palo alto where the company held a big press even and unveiled a video calling for facebook. they say it is the easiest way to video chat through web i may have to agree, i did a hand on the frustration after the van and it was quick and easy to the video chat up and running sky is the video chat behind it, so its quality and reliability should be solid. [music] hot >> are big weather story is the fog. you can see very dense fog rolling in. we saw
6:35 pm
this thick along the coastline we will see this tomorrow. it will hug the coastline to the afternoon but otherwise we will see sunny conditions and cooler temperatures across the bay area cooling back into the 80's in some spots in the 90s today. a look for tomorrow morning, it is still in into oakland, hayward and up through the north bay. it will still be sitting over oakland and parts of the north bay and clearing back to san physical by noon. it will sail along the coast line into the afternoon by 3:00 p.m. you see this is not moving much but starts pushing back towards the golden gate. cooler tomorrow in the north bay the fog will be a big factor in the morning. 68 san francisco, 85 concord. the spots that we saw 80 out there today will turn into the '60s tomorrow. the cooling trend will continue not only through the rest of the week
6:36 pm
into the weekend and next week as well with temperatures back into the low 80s even into the upper '70's by mid next week. >> now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. her >> they are here to give with disabilities a way to not worry about finding parking or paying for parking. it is simple, you parking you hang up your disabled placard, whether it is blue, or read you will get free parking all day. it is normal to see a couple placards in any given area but in some parts of the bay is a sea of them. in a viewer tips leads me to a bay area city where every single car has one i kid you not. i will show you where it is in just how many i found in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8:00 p.m. on kron4 news. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done?
6:39 pm
nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> president barak obama took twitter to answer questions from everyday
6:40 pm
americans. >> americans have a lot of their minds. >> the big issue that everyone should be talking about is the economy. >> i think i would ask about the federal budget. >> when 6000 took to the site of twitter for the hacked obama. >> i will make history as the first president to live tweet. it was moderated by jack dorsett. of the president recently announced that he will compose some of his own tweets assigned with his initials he did very little typing of the zone. condensed version of his answers were tweeted out so that questions were limited to 140 characters of the president's responses were not. >> what mistakes have been made in handling the recession and what would you do differently? >> one thing would have been to explain to the american people that it would take awhile for us to get out of this.
6:41 pm
>> this follows a similar even at facebook headquarters in april as the president ramp up reelection efforts the goal of using social media could be to get young people on to his campaign. >> this could be a way to get the nation on twitter but also build his followers. >> the gop was looking for entered the president answered a question for the house >> jon baker about the federal debt and dropped. in washington i'm karen with kron4 . >> the a's should out the mariners at the coliseum gary has highlight on that straight ahead in this past january, see how delivered a postseason run for the ages. tonight the former cal barrett joins gary live in the studio along with the tampa bay bucs quarterback joshi and johnson. what a lineup. coming up next.
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> the pastor of a college basketball star much too soon, he died today at the age of 47 collapsing while playing a pickup game in his hometown of pittsburgh. the cause of death is undetermined pending an autopsy he made his name plane for u.n.l.v. on the 1987 final 1400 jerry and he is the star player on that team second overall pick in the 1987 draft. armon played 13 years in the nba heat passes today at age 47. stays like the giants having trouble scoring runs. now the first time in his career he does not make the all- star game, that is a big deal in japan especially what is happening to suzuki. now he goes the distance this is one nothing a's. the
6:46 pm
poor a's are a winner. now the international soccer world cup usa vs. sweden in germany on the free kick, nella fisher, a lucky break it is one to nothing sweden the u.s. is looking to score off the corner kick. abi is the header, 221 sweden wins. that was the deal with a science lesson i remember all that retribution when they, did you hear about that? were you listening at all? >> i was listening for you talked for three hours i did i hear the whole show. >> we do not have to listen to three hours just a bunch of old men yelling about something that we cannot do. they should've done this, no, there was a play and i celebrate by throwing the ball down and that was the big talk. the giants are very upset there may be
6:47 pm
retribution. you know what you do we want a retribution next time does run someone over. but in baseball, i will throw all of a guy. >> now markets a kid in our studio. >> and so is the josh. he played at san diego right? the you like it? >> i love it. >> what was your record is san diego? >> a lot of wins, a little bit of losses. the damage in notice that is the first time because hot marshaun is the big shot. see how he waits for josh. >> i have no problem with it. no problem at all i wait for him a lot of time. not >> we will get to them in a minute but i am sure that the court to know about the tour de france. an aerial shot. that is right they were pig feeding. this ended the race for the radio shot.
6:48 pm
and one suffered a concussion and a fractured collarbone. english mark wins the split. the yellow jersey retained by norway. now we have a man known as the human home run. a man that is apparently very lonely but he is 68 years old and puts himself in a rocket ship and they throw him over the fence. there he is, see what happens when you have 11 children. you say ok, this is too much. put me in a canyon in take me out anyway, this is david smith, 68 years old when 195 ft. he has 11 children and this is what is kind of sad, most of us treat our kids to be teachers, or at least, we let them play the piano he is teaching six of his kids to be human cannonballs. [laughter] >> what are you studying
6:49 pm
son, i will be a human cannonball and it put me in there like daddy. daddy is nuts. now when we return, a couple east today students to make to the nfl they fulfil their dreams. one of the great running backs, marshaun lynch and the before mentioned josh johnson who played collegiate leave in san diego also making money night this moment has a nice career going for the nfl of what they are up next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
and >> next week that he is he a show will feature marshawn lynch is run. he is nominated for an award and he is being hugged by pete carroll. i will be hugging to if i got out of there when the time was right. but anyway. chris is a good guy, it is from here. but marshawn lynch is here and josh johnson is here to talk about this guy, they are talking about their native bay area. we want to start with marshawn, he played four years in buffalo and now you are in seattle. you are in the nfl, you are making a good check, but are you happy? it >> not right now. >> i have always been faithful. always. >> even buffalo was snow boots. >> i did not get into the snow boots, but even with the snow i was so thankful. >> here you are running. car and a town like that without basketball and without baseball you guys probably treated like kings
6:54 pm
during the season. >> yes, you know we sell out every week and fans, they know you, they speak to you on a day-to-day basis. they were like they were in the house with you, so it is a small community like that. everyone knew each other and fa' sho' they knew who you were when you step outside. >> that could be good and bad. >> of it is kind of weird because will be walking through a grocery store and someone says marshawn and you turn around like is that my cousin, or my father? who are you? they're like a great game. and i'm like ok, i got you. >> i and i think you had many cousins in buffalo. >> no, no. >> now marshawn went to cal, an all-american and josh, you were a genius at san diego is prodigious see him and say this guy will
6:55 pm
shoot right to the nfl? >> from the first, had a talk with him, his love for the game we saw that, it will be something special with him. when actually got to play for him is see how he related to his players so well. it >> it helps that he played 15 years in the league. >> because you can believe him. >> if someone was going to let me, you better be able to do yourself. >> that is a lot with coaches. >> you saw pam come over and hand me this, is set for may fell down in the newsroom said that josh johnson is one of the best jumpers that he has ever seen saw him play the earnest gramm charity in fort myers florida you play hoops? >> i try to get down a little bit. >> this is from grant lotus. he can't even touch the net, but he got excited about what you are doing that is terrific. how good with the tampa bay buccaneers be? >> we will be real good, we have young teen we got better in the draft, we had
6:56 pm
a player at minicamp and it looks like we did not even lose a beat. >> if you want to josh in action, ever report this look like that could in like next week could you give that same report marshawn? >> i have been hearing a few different things but you know i will not be excited until i get to get back into the facilities and able to do my thing. it >> all longbow for the $100 on your way out so you have something to eat. >> i will have that $100 and to delegate that to the foundation. >> tell me about the foundation. but tell me we have 40 seconds left. >> we have the first family 8 tournaments' liberty weekend coming up we're down on friday from 6 to 9 albany 0 bowling, you can still free registrant check out our facebook or you can just walk up. saturday we have a free football camp for the youth ages 60 through 18. registration
6:57 pm
from 8 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for the six it to 12 year old. >> they can go to our web site and hang out with the pros, that is a good deal coming up this weekend. nice to meet young man, josh, keep dumping. i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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6:59 pm
one day after casey anthony's not guilty verdict, is she planning to have more children? >> and who may be the father of caylee anthony. i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> the devil is dancing tonight. >> we've been o.j.'d. >> casey is probably the most hated woman in america right now. is safety a real concern for her? >> the death threats. >> the book deals? >> it's possible this girl becomes a millionaire. and the celebrity that called casey anthony a free monster. >> and do you think the jurors are embarrassed about their decisions? >> will casey go under cover and change her identity when she's set free? >> michael jackson, simpson, casey anthony, menendez.

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